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News, Updates and Blog of UberTickets

Anomalist Production Kicks Ass with UberTickets

Theatre production is more of a passion or a past time in Asia with only a select few that actually operate professionally churning content for sold-out shows. Here lies a huge gap where small but promising productions stare in the great distance of the behemoths. The support and services are mostly catered to the large and the minnows are left with little to no options to modernise their operations and potentially turn their passion into a successful business endeavour.

Anomalist Production is one such outfit that has big plans for the future and they realised in order to reach for their stars they need the vehicle to get them there efficiently. We actually are mightily impressed with their track record and proceeded to make a case where UberTickets technology is the perfect solution for their growing aspirations.

Winner of the THEATRE AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD at the 13th Boh Cameronian Arts Awards for their production of “Bangsa”, they need to sell their shows effectively and have complete visibility of their patrons. With better insight and precise management capabilities of their customers, UberTickets will enable them to engage a lasting impression. In less than a week of getting onboard with our platform we got their website up and running and ready to sell tickets for their next production titled “IQ.Rock”, it tells a story of how education in the rural Malaysia plays a pivotal role in shaping the minds and decisions of educators and the future generation.

Anomalist Production Presents IQ.Rock

IQ.Rock will be staged at Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC) at Empire Damansara beginning 12th to 15th of April. Tickets prices are starts from RM 25 with valid student IDs to RM 50 for the general public.

Tickets are available for purchase from their website