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News, Updates and Blog of UberTickets

Asian Football: Ticketing Part 1

This is a series of articles on our thoughts, ideas and opinion on Asian Football. Not that much about the sport itself but more on the various ancillary bits that makes it an industry. But before we go any further lets just state this is indeed a biased piece, one that puts our capabilities right up and center of all things. If you are looking for an unbiased article may we suggest looking else where.

Traditionally football at all levels of play rely on funding of sponsors. Yes, all the kit, equipment, coaching, logistics needs to be paid by someone. As a club climbs up the divisions and get more serious, so does the expenses. At some point it becomes a bit ridiculous and sponsors alone wouldn’t be enough even to maintain a half decent team. That is when clubs begin to tap look at their fans for funding. As the title to this piece suggests… yes you are right, Ticketing.

Depending on how the National FA is structured and governed there may be various fees incurred for a club to qualify and play competitively. Besides how else would the National Football Federation  keep operating if not for various registration and membership fees due every season of play? So these costs are considered into ticketing prices along with other costs involved. But is that the end of it? Selling tickets for matches? Is that alone enough? We dare say it is no where close. So if you so happen are part management of a football club or team the next question would be what else?

Merchandising! Now hold your horses we are not done with ticketing so lets not get ahead of ourselves shall we. For ticketing it can be broken down further into a few other segments. At the top of the list are Season Passes. Yes, the famous season pass of home games. Fans pay a lump-sum for all home matches. Typically One Season pass admits one person per match. But lets be a bit creative… SEASON FLEX PASSES. How does that work? Read on…


These are usable number of tickets throughout the season which can be used for individual matches or assign multiple tickets for a select number of matches per season. This is the perfect solution for 1 person to share their ticket allocation with friends and family should they want to come along for a game. Another scenario is that not everyone can make it for all home matches in a season. So, as to not let that ticket allocated go to waste being hard wired for each match the Season Flex Pass holder has the flexibility to use and allocate their tickets for which ever other match they choose. These passes can be priced lower on average per ticket for a specific class and also can be upgraded to a higher class with an additional fee upon request.


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