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Asian Football: Ticketing Part 2 – STORE CREDIT AND UPGRADE

This is a series of articles on our thoughts, ideas and opinion on Asian Football. Not that much about the sport itself but more on the various ancillary bits that makes it an industry. But before we go any further lets just state this is indeed a biased piece, one that puts our capabilities right up and center of all things. If you are looking for an unbiased article may we suggest looking else where. If you missed Part 1 you can read it HERE.

Continuing from where we left off previously with Season Flex Pass but if you need a refresher or have not read Part 1 click here. Otherwise lets get to another type of ticket that could benefit any Asian Football club or team in general. To be accurate it is not a new type of ticket but more of a mechanic for the convenience of fans. Key words here are Upgrade and Credit.


Customers makes mistakes all the time. But what is usually associated with ticket purchase is the NO REFUND or EXCHANGE policy. This is a double edged sword but most of the time the fan is left with little to no option whatsoever and it only serves to benefit the bottom line of the club but with a sour aftertaste for fans. Fans would still support but due to such an experience they may resort to not ever coming for games again. That is not a risk any club should take. Remember that reputation of a club or team extends well beyond the 90 minutes on the pitch.

Refunds via Store Credit or an Exchange policy would almost guarantee the fan to return for the next match. It benefits not just the fans for having flexibility but also builds trust with the club. So it’s a win win situation. So how does it work? It all starts with a fan purchasing tickets. Then later realize that they bought it by mistake or had a change of plans. From here on the fan communicates to customer service and explains their situation. With just the name or registered email address the purchase can be verified in the back end with the full records of purchases made by any particular fan. Identify the purchase and select for refund for Store Credit or Upgrade, whichever fits the scenario. Now the for the next purchase the fan would have store credit to spend OR have obtained a ticket upgrade.

Lets look at the bigger picture, with such a mechanic in place the ticket scalping market would be harder to operate as they loose a percentage of market demand. Fans have the flexibility and trust from their favourite football club to continue with their support and contributing to the revenue with no hard feelings. The football club gets a stronger and most importantly loyal fan base which extends their revenue forecast in the seasons to come. So with a slight change in policy the benefit is substantial. Of course operational wise would need some investment in retraining, marketing and educating the fan base but in the long run it will be health for Asian Football as a whole.

In the next installment we will look into GROUP BUYS which we feel lacks refinement in the Asian Football market.

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