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News, Updates and Blog of UberTickets

Asian Football: Ticketing Part 3 – Group Buys

This is a series of articles on our thoughts, ideas and opinion on Asian Football. Not that much about the sport itself but more on the various ancillary bits that makes it an industry. But before we go any further lets just state this is indeed a biased piece, one that puts our capabilities right up and center of all things. If you are looking for an unbiased article may we suggest looking else where.


Any sporting event is known well for large ticket purchases by corporate bodies, football in Asia is no exception. Either these firms are sponsors, partners in one form or another or just the the regular ticket purchase used as gifts and marketing activities it all contribute to the club’s bottom line. There is also the other part which is often left unaccounted or reporting is lacking, complimentary tickets although does not generate direct revenue but for each seat or pax in attendance it takes up capacity of the venue and incurs costs in various areas.

This is where the concept of  Group Buys on our platform comes into play. It is different from general bulk purchase as the discounts and benefits are different. Special Invitations are part of this mechanic and it should be wise to account for them as well. Typically this involve ordering tickets via phone or email and special corporate rates or privileges are applied. Largely done manually where payment is made with a cheque or wire transfer before tickets are exchanged. These purchases and transaction records are often lost especially when the tickets are valued at ZERO.

Regardless if there is a value placed or otherwise each corporate or group buy are best be properly recorded, clients and contact details managed as well as historical data showing commitment and loyalty. It would be best for each client were to have it’s own account and allocated tickets just so that it can be purchased and monitored correctly perhaps to an agreement signed either as sponsor or in partnership in whatever capacity the club sees fit. Add to that some form of automation and online purchase portal just for these types of clients. Even if the tickets were free, we believe some data should be parted in exchange. Maybe a survey or a registration form of sorts to collect data of each ticket holder which this can be used to up-sell other privileges and build better corporate relationships.

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