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Asian Football: Ticketing Part 4 – Memberships

This is a series of articles on our thoughts, ideas and opinion on Asian Football. Not that much about the sport itself but more on the various ancillary bits that makes it an industry. But before we go any further lets just state this is indeed a biased piece, one that puts our capabilities right up and center of all things. If you are looking for an unbiased article may we suggest looking else where. If you have not read part 1 (Season Flex Pass), 2 (Store Credit and Upgrade) and 3 (Group Buys) you can do so before continuing.


We have come to the end of our Asian Football Ticketing series. Although not comprehensive but for the past 3 installments this is what we feel that is much needed in the sport to correctly increase revenue. Before we get to Memberships it is worth noting that all suggestions are certainly within our capabilities of execution and for the Football Clubs out there wanting to explore the various possibilities we would be more than happy to entertain your inquiries at no cost. Onwards now shall we?

Many before have said it time and again that the heart and soul of a football team are it’s fans. Without it a club will be merely a club playing a sport of common interest. Memberships automatically brings entitlement and involvement at different levels. This places commitment to the fans who are looking for far more than just tickets to matches. Believe it or not, often clubs are only willing to offer just tickets and little of anything else to excite their fans. Perhaps it is cost and effort required to maintain such engagement.

Lets put all that aside and assume that there is enough spread of content and services. A membership to a fan means a certain level of exclusivity and that is exactly what our platform is able to deliver. Firstly, discounts are very common. Different rate of discounts for the various ticket tiers and products can be activated. That is pretty much a given but rarely can it be configured to effect only specially selected range of tickets and merchandise. Either way member discounts can be applied for online purchases as well as over the counter.

Making fans feel appreciated is a useful mechanic of memberships. Specific discount codes to apply with memberships can be used for whatever reason that a club sees fit. For instance birthdays is the perfect time to dish out rewards without distributing en masse. It could be complimentary tickets or merchandise perhaps even a package of both. This would feel more premium and would make any fan feel happy. Psychologically the happier the fan the more they will spend. So claiming gifts by association should increase overall revenue. Extend membership benefit to family members, the whole point it to increase brand visibility and fill the stadium every single match. Allocating tickets for family is a good way to grow fan base and spread loyalty across generations. Example a child ticket discount is automatically made available for members to purchase.

Another way is by corporate membership. Where a package is built and delivered to corporate clients. It works on the same virtue as normal memberships the difference is that the owner is a company instead of an individual. This may be configured as a sponsorship for X amount of value is allocated as redeemable benefit for each entire year the sponsorship is agreed upon. After that is it just a matter of proper book keeping to offset the sponsorship value. This can be done in multiple tiers to suit different scales of affordability. Throw some merchandise as this can be used to as corporate gifts when needed.

Now one can see how football clubs or teams can generate various sources of revenue in a myriad of ways using our platform. Of course it requires careful planning and execution for it all to make positive revenue but all the tools are already in place and it is just a matter of configuring and managing it to the intended outcome. What is most important, our solution can help a team or club reach it’s revenue goals with proper reporting and visibility with data to build a sponsor’s proposal for next season.

Do get in touch with us if you want to know more how can Ubertickets help not just Football Clubs but any other spectator sports events that you may have.

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