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News, Updates and Blog of UberTickets

Is ESports making the old guard sports bite their nails?

The industry knew that eSports is the next big thing. However the foothold of it’s future appears to be very solid at the moment. According to LEK Consulting survey as reported by VentureBeat, American Millennials are split between traditional sports vs esports events. Now to us, millenials have about 15 to 20 effective years of consumerism for events. This does not mean traditional spectator sports events will loose out to esports tournaments anytime soon. But it serves that the events market offers more choices today than ever before.

Take Cosplay conventions for example, no one thought it would be a bigger deal than dressing up for Halloween. But there is a sizeable demand for it that it is profitable. We figure that due to the easily free distributed content for esports it would gain a decent presence in the industry. What would be even more interesting is the tie-in possibilities with traditional sports events.

Think FIFA World Cup with the eSports equivalent happening in tandem. Certain games certainly can have an upselling effect while others can be stand-alone behemoths like it is already for CS-GO, Overwatch, League of Legends and DOTA2.

We at UberTickets feel that a uniform standard is what saperates traditional sports events and esports. A uniformed governing body would make competition really competitive and heightens quality of events. As for traditional sports, it needs a refreshed look into monetizing and upselling various aspects while still keeping costs low. Both types of events are not necessarily direct competition, each has its own value proposition that the consumer market can and will differentiate.