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News, Updates and Blog of UberTickets

Events Marketing in Malaysia via Facebook

Facebook, the social media platform has made itself a daily source of information at various levels in this South East Asian Country. With about 32 million in population the user statistics of Malaysians on Facebook is staggering. Usage via Desktop and Laptops tops out at about 18 million users while via Mobile App is a close 17 million. It is unsurprising as many in Malaysia has moved away from conventional media to Facebook which is more accessible and certainly cheaper.

This consequently relates to how Malaysians on Facebook finds information on the platform. 75% of users have liked a business or company on Facebook while 58% find out about entertainment related information on the platform either the full website or via mobile app. This includes events, theater, festivals and live performances across all genres. Compare that to the fact that Malaysia is the third fastest growth in the mobile shopping sector.

What does this translate to event promoters and organizers? This means a great shift in marketing budgets just to get the word out so the fans know where to make purchases of tickets. We find that there is a gap here because costs of online ticketing platforms are not necessarily affordable for the smaller events. Through our customers we find that pseudo-online sales is very much practiced. This of course puts a lot more time and resource to actually getting the sale confirmed and done via manual means of banking-in and providing the transaction receipt.

More practical methods are available but requires a lot of time to set-up before the tickets are actually available to market. Our platform is delivered to resolve the steep learning curve, get the tickets to market faster and lowers operation costs for events considerably. There is the need in the market to accelerate sales by grabbing attention with intelligent marketing campaigns, retain loyal fans and make the whole process simpler and faster for everyone along the chain. We recognize these pain points and devised a proven strategy to help event organizers to quickly engage the fast paced online market and make the buying experience simpler for the end consumer.

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