News, Updates and Blog of UberTickets
News, Updates and Blog of UberTickets

Fake ETicketing – Ticket Redemptions.

Ms. Anis and her friends decides to go for an event that you are organizing. She proceeds to gather details on the event and identifies where can the tickets be purchased online. She goes through the site and makes her selection and proceeds to make payment. She then promptly receives an email notification with instructions that she would need to redeem her ticket as the venue or some other location that is stated.

This is a typical scenario which happens on a regular basis for many events. You as the organiser should just care about selling tickets and nothing much else right? Well that is a really dangerous assumption. The experience of your event starts from the minute you start marketing it. With all the marvels of Social Media the build-up to the actual event actually plays a significant role to your bottom line.

Having spent hundreds of hours with our clients we have found that their customers want the simplest purchase experience. The word that is often used is “CONVENIENCE” and that word for us means tremendous amount of future revenue potential for our clients regardless of ticket class. Typically the consumer pays a premium for extra services and for a bit more special attention. But all consumers do need to do the same thing to begin with and that is PURCHASE.

Online Purchase would be the correct definition to use for instances where actual tickets needs to be redeemed. A true eTicketing platform serves to eliminate the need for ticket redemptions EVEN when the tickets are bought from other sources. This is what we emphasise… able to accept barcoded tickets sold on other platforms at the door. Together with reports for event post-mortems in order to reconcile all tickets scanned versus ticket sold you the organiser ultimately have the visibility of total attendees and make decisions for future events based on data driven findings. The power should always remain in your hands.


UberTickets is a fully online Events Sales platform. Yeah… we are definitely not the pseudo types in the market. If you wan’t to know more send your inquiries to and we’ll show you how we do it differently than the rest.