News, Updates and Blog of UberTickets
News, Updates and Blog of UberTickets

UberTickets offers real-time seat selection with SeatSocket

Being in the market for almost a year doesn’t mean we are too busy growing without improving our platform. With our partners VBO we strive to improve service and key features that would make ticket buying experience better for consumers. For event organizers that would directly mean better customer retention and potentially improved sales. We are proud to introduce a features that is available to all our client from the get go.

SeatSocket™ improve upon how seat selection are done while purchasing tickets for events. Typically a seats are reserved for a period of time till the purchase completes with not information whatsoever on the status of other seats unless the page is refreshed. With SeatSocket™ a customer is able to view available seats from the seat map in REAL TIME.

This basically eliminates seat selection issues and the old method of locking seats when they are in high demand. Essentially the customer does not need to go back and forth refreshing the page and potentially getting caught out from their desired seats. For our clients this displays a sense of urgency when seats being taken up are displayed in real-time to customers.

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