Your Kick Ass Events needs a Kick Ass Crew

Our clients are a dynamic mix. Some a specialist in club events or sports while some others do just about any kind of events that they fancy. What does not separate them apart is their attention to detail and the meticulous work that goes through planning their events. However there are times where they feel short handed. Sometimes that copy-writing for a post just needs to be done but keeps being pushed back. An ad that needs a change in visual. Of simply not enough hands and heads on deck on event day to keep the ship sailing smoothly.

We hear them and often times we are stretched out of our elements and go just that extra mile to assist. So in light of that need of assistance, that bit of muscle and brain power needed we have come up with the “Kick Ass Crew”. Essentially it is an extension our team that is customized with skill sets to suit our client’s specific requirements. Are you short in the Marketing Department? We have got the right talent for you. Or Are you short of ground crews for various tasks? We have got you covered as well. Owh you need a team of ground promoters to help you sell your tickets within specific communities?  Sure as hell we do have those that fit the bill.

So if you are organizing an event, but you lack the muscle somewhere in your team and in need of good help you can come to us. But there is a catch, it’s only if you sign-up on our ticketing platform do we offer this service. It is only exclusive to UberTickets Kick Ass Clients and you won’t find such a service anywhere else. So if you are wondering how this whole shebang works… just get in touch with us. But we will never share our secret sauce for our fried chicken.